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FarliteTM Delivers Big-Time High-Value Services...     


  • A custom engineered service plan for your facility based on a detailed determination of what is needed for your facility
  • Installation of your Services including all labor, UVPhasors, supporting field components and associated electrical power from your ]power service
  • 5-years of continuous monitoring of the system installed at your protected facilities as part of collecting operating activity and off-normal conditions
  • 5-years of warranty including consumable supplies (lamps), replacement parts, labor and technical support due to manufacturing defect or normal wear and tear
  • Advanced technical support to resolve issues arising during the term of the agreement
  • Web access to reports that analyze the delivered performance of these services
  • Detailed tracking of the performance of Farlite™ UVPhasors
  • Forward projection of emerging potential problems and maintenance issues


Farlite™ will immediately advise you of any off-normal conditions detected by the continuous monitoring and will contact you to report off-normal events. If a visit to your protected facility is necessary to fix a problem, we will confirm availability of access to your facilities. 

Your price covers all of the above services.  Selected optional capabilities are listed in the “Services Provided Chart”  below.  



Services Provided...     

Standard Base Services Plan and Services Option Chart


Acquisition Process...     


This process begins with you requesting a proposal on our website  You should click on "Contact Us" and provide the information requested.  Make sure that you check the box "Get a Proposal".  In the notes/message section of the contact request, please provide us with several best times to make telephone contact.  The email address is also important because we will be sending you some useful information about the process of developing a Proposal and Firm Quote.  This information will be used to jump start your design.


When we get your contact message, we will email a Proposal Requirements Guide.  It will include a Project Scope Worksheet  This worksheet will include a provisional Account Number and contact information for the FarliteTM Project Manager.  Our project manager is your FarliteTM point of contact for all matters.  The project manager will contact you at the telephone number you provide to make sure that you have the  Proposal Requirements Guide and Project Scope Worksheet and to answer any immediate questions.

The project manager will assist you in gathering the information needed.  The worksheet is provided so that you will know what we will be looking to collect and the project manager will enter it into our design support tool.  Typically, this would involve a Zoom conference with you, your project manager, and any others who should be involved.


FarliteTM Installed...     










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