R. Hunter Knight
Co-Founder & CEO, FARLITE Solutions
President, ABR Solutions, Inc. (ABR)




Frank Giacalone 
Co-Founder & COO, FARLITE Solutions
Chief Executive Officer, Navasota Energy Solutions, LLC 



Founders’ Answer to “Why FarliteTM?”


Frank Giacalone and I started FarliteTM Solutions in early Spring of 2020.  Our motivation, other than we thought we had a great business model that we could operate very profitably, evolved as we learned about COVID-19 and refined our business plans.  The confusion of information from public agencies with different agendas; from our leaders appointed, elected, or otherwise created; and the confusion created by diverse authorities based on unsourced facts were daunting. 


As one of my roles is “chief scientist”, I dived deeply into the sea of confusion to get the real pearls of wisdom. Frank and I are now well over a year into our education process.  We made the decision early on to source our information from credible authorities.  We did not want to make a mistake that could cause harm to people or otherwise create problems for our project.  We wanted to be credible so we committed to make decisions based on information supported by real data.  We learned that the path to a useable understanding about COVID is truly multidisciplinary, multi-pathogen and often obscured even if it comes from the good guys who are serious professionals. 


We soon came to realize that our original vision of FarliteTM was far too narrow; it was really not about COVID-19, which is important, but was about “aerosol mediated microbial diseases”.[1]  The pathogens might be viruses or bacteria, among others. Humankind has experienced many diseases as it has evolved.  Developing vaccines and treatments is essential because “no response” will never be acceptable.  Vaccination does not prevent catching a disease and herd immunity does not prevent the unvaccinated and never infected from catching a disease.  It does slow transmission. Pathogen mutation can skip over the blockades of vaccinations and natural defenses built by our wonderful bodies.  Consider the many manifestations of influenza, which require a new vaccine version every year.  Even with the vaccine, the average death annual toll (CDC Estimate) is 34,000 to 43,000. Consider too the economic, social, and psychological costs to our quality of life.


Our world has evolved to become a much more communicable and mobile environment thus raising the risks of future pandemics due to faster and easier travel to and from anywhere.[2]  This enables widespread transmission.  This will not change and the mixing process will assure that all new pathogens have their chance at being the star of a pandemic.


Materially improving on our inadequate ability to control transmission is an excellent objective.  FarliteTM addresses the transmission and deactivation of aerosol pathogens of which there are many and there will be many more.  FarliteTM Solutions is a starting point for a long-term evolution of solutions for the human population that are generally applicable to all types of pathogens. 


Frank and I are not stakeholders in any organization or collection of experts that, more often than not, seem to focus on enhancing their prestige while paying lip service to solutions.  We have discussed many open opportunities for innovation and have a number that we believe to be prime.  Our current goal is a highly successful FarliteTM Solutions that will empower future efforts to address the longer term problems.[3]  We hope that our partners in FarliteTM and others will work with us on achieving longer-term steps one step at a time.


Hunter Knight, Founder and CEO, FarliteTM Solutions LLC

Frank Giacalone, Founder and  COO, FarlliteTM Solutions LLC


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