FARLITETM Phasor Kills Pathogens

Inactivating or 'Killing' a VIRUS

A VIRUS just drifts with the air.  They are NOT ALIVE – so you really cannot KILL them!  But – you can remove their ability to reproduce (inactivation) thus killing their ability to infect.     


A VIRUS must physically unlock and enter a specific type of cell in order to infect.  It uses its SPIKE (i.e. Spike Glycoprotein) to attach and open the pathway inside a suitable cell.  If a cell accepts connection and allows passage of the virus DNA, the cell becomes infected and the human becomes sick.


Inactivating the virus inside a human is possible with drugs – BUT – that means the human first must become infected and may also become ill from the drug.  Inactivating the VIRUS while it is floating around in the air waiting to contact suitable cells is a better solution if it can be made to happen.


FARLITE™ uses certain UVC light known to inactivate VIRUS DNA. In fact, FARLITE™ can utilize any UV lamp that is effective, commercially available, of suitable size and has a supply chain that works.


FARLITE™ can be the first line of defense to keep you healthy.

FARLITETM can be run continuously to maintain its search for drifting VIRUSES.

Barrier Zone

Barrier Zone Formation

The light blue represents the Barrier Zone, in reality, UV light is invisible and has no seeable color.  We just use light blue to indicate where it would be.


FarliteT M uses UVC light to create upper-air Barrier Zones thru which cycling air passes.  VIRUSES passing thru the Barrier Zone receive doses of UVC energy that block their replication. 


A VIRUS will drift through a Barrier Zone moving with the air.  Depending on the path and its air speed, it will spend an amount of time in the Zone.  One can know the time interval that a virus would spend in that Zone given the air speed.  That time interval times light intensity is the dose of UVC energy a VIRUS is exposed to while travelling through that Zone.  When that dose exceeds the minimum inactivation dose for the virus involved, then a solution for disabling the VIRUS is at hand.


Upper-Air Transmission


When a person talks, sneezes, or coughs, larger droplets deposit close to the emission point due to gravity (droplet transmission), while very, very small droplets can travel meters or tens of meters and spend long times in the air (aerosol transmission).

Building codes require that all building air be recirculated, typically 6 to 10 times per hour, to keep the building comfortable and the in-building oxygen at a safe level for occupants.  This circulation moves viruses along with building air.


With each re-circulation, building air will pass through the upper-air Barrier Zone.  The time interval for a pathogen to travel through the upper-air to arrive at a return air vent is the exposure time.  So, just like sunburn, the exposure time times the intensity determines the burn.


FARLITETM makes sure the UVPhasor light is adjusted to inactivate the reproductive capabilities of aerosol pathogens.  The AI Analytics in the FARLITETM Cloud adjust the Phasor to ensure the best possible outcome.  


The Inactivation Process

The Inactivation Process

In this figure pathogens are drifting through the air drawn by the HVAC system to the return air vents. The air is recirculated to repeat this cycle..



The AI Analytics in the FARLITE™ Cloud adjust the Phasor to maximize the success of the inactivation program.

The infection process begins when individuals in a room are exposed to one or more infected individual who talks, sneezes, coughs, etc. exhaling very, very small particles ("aerosols") that are made of the pathogen and perhaps saliva or respiratory fluid.  When the droplets are inhaled by another in the room they may become infected.


These emissions from the individual are in the form of Droplets or Aerosolized pathogens.  Droplets of infectious particles are projectiles whose spread is limited by gravity.  Aerosol spread of infectious particles can remain airborne minutes to hours.  They are spread by air currents (e.g. HVAC).  The CDC has recently identified aerosol transmission as the predominate means of spreading COVID-19.


Catching a whiff of exhaled breath here or there is very unlikely to lead to infection.  The amount of time you spend in close proximity to an infected person affects how much virus you actually inhale.

FARLITETM Inactivation


The animation below illustrates this process of aerosolized pathogens emission into air currents on their way to HVAC return air vents. They travel through the FARLITE™  UVPhasor’s UVC light energy present in the room upper air.





An individual exhales pathogens by talking or coughing into the room.  The aerosolized pathogens released are picked up by the HVAC recirculation and carried in air currents from the horizon on up where UVC light is used to inactivate them.  FARLITE™ exposes pathogens to a killing energy strength of UVC light for enough time to inactivate them.  This is referred to as a 'KILLING DOSE'.


FARLITETM injects UVC light (pathogen killing energy) into overhead air space reducing the pathogens in your airspace so you can remain there longer.