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   Proven UVC Technology

FarliteTM uses a proven UVC technology



FarliteTM Solutions brings to market an updated, innovative strategy in the indoor battle against COVID and other pathogens.  Ultraviolet (UVC) light is most effectively used on aerosol/airborne pathogens. 


Natural breathing draws in pathogen carrying air which lodges in the nose, throat and most critically, the lungs.  Exhaling expels pathogens as an aerosol or as minute droplets.  Our solution uses UVC light from a FarliteTM UVPhasor [Patent Pending]  designed to inactivate airborne pathogens ability to replicate without harming humans.


  Why Farlite™ ?

Environmental Protection for Upper Air


Inactivates Harmful Pathogens



Safe for Use in Indoor Spaces


        Now and For the Future

The post COVID-19 world will look a lot different. Every aspect of our lives will incorporate some level of sanitizing and disinfection, above the physical cleaning process. Farlite™ was formed in response to this need.


Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a non-chemical process whereby a pathogen, within a liquid or gaseous medium or on a surface, is exposed to a dosage of ultraviolet radiation near the peak of germicidal effectiveness to inactivate a pathogen's DNA, such that the pathogen is unable to reproduce.

Unlike traditional bio-hazard cleaning companies who use chemical agents or misting services to eradicate germs and viruses, Farlite™ offers UVGI or "Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation / UVC 254nm." Our solution provides a better pathogen-inactivation process in less time than any other means on the market, enabling continuous whole-room, large area, upper air inactivation treatment that saves time, is more effective, and is less disruptive in its treatment process. We offer a performance-monitored pathogen eradication solution for COVID-19 and other aerosol respiratory pathogens - those that exist TODAY and those that will come in the FUTURE.

Where can Farlite be used?

In short - EVERYWHERE!  The Farlite™ Solution helps facility management professionals offer building occupants environmental protection for upper air. Add a layer of defense to your indoor space with  FarliteTM  UVPhasor, designed to neutralize pathogens with people present while meeting established safety guidelines.

How Does Farlite Work?

PATHOGENS - micro-organisms such as VIRUSES, BACTERIA, MOLDS, and GERMS

capable of producing a disease in a person


   Inactivation Requirements  




Injects UVC light (pathogen killing energy) into overhead air of your environment reducing the pathogens so you can remain there longer


Can run continuously and produces a stronger killing energy due to the wavelength of UVC light chosen  (254 nm)

What is FarliteTM ?

Farlite is a Proprietary Service Solution

made up of:





FarliteTM UVPhasors

Intelligent Controllers and Sensors

AI Cloud Monitoring

Why a Service Solution?



While Protective Practices like social distancing, masks, cleaners and lots of hand washing have a role in controlling the spread of COVID-19,

FarliteTM blocks COVID-19’s principal infection route


  -- airborne transmission as an aerosol --.


This cannot be done with surface treatments and masks which have limited affect with fine aerosols.


FarliteTM provides environmental hygiene for upper air.

UVC light is essentially invisible and aerosol pathogens are invisible.


An invisible continuous process must be monitored so the Owner can be assured that protections are being delivered.


More importantly, the monitoring must also collect data necessary to demonstrate that performance levels are maintained, and emerging problems are stopped before they lead to unacceptable operation.


FarliteTM will adjust applied light energy when required.


FarliteTM is presented as a full service solution. 


5-years of monitoring, support, and service are priced into our offering.


FarliteTM monitors system performance and advises of environmental conditions to continuously adjust its operation to maximize performance.


If something malfunctions the detected break down will trigger a service response thus eliminating significant down time.


Motion detectors help ensure service personnel safety.


This level of proactive service is what is required in today’s health environment to make Owners, Managers, Employees, Customers, and Visitors feel secure when they are inside any FarliteTM protected facility.


FarliteTM UVPhasor provides Environmental Hygiene for Upper Air and is based on historically successful applications of UVC light.

Farlite Solutions Services

Services Provided







Engineered for Complete Coverage

5 year Warranty

5 year Monitoring

5 year Parts & Replacement

Assembly, Installation & Startup

Shipping to Site

Upper Air Only

With Illumination Option

With Contact UV-Down


Deployment Goals


  • Layout of FarliteTM UVPhasors to deliver the calibrated level of UVC radiation needed to create the Inactivation Zones. FarliteTM is flexible and can fit any floor plan.
  • Install electrical power at all FarliteTM UVPhasor locations
  • Install FarliteTM UVPhasors according to the layout. Then, activate the service and conduct all performance and safety checks.
  • Begin monitoring technology and performance

Protect Your Facility with FarliteTM

All references to “disinfect”, “disinfecting” and “disinfection” refer generally to the reduction of pathogenic bioburden and are not intended to refer to any specific definition as may be used by any governmental or regulatory authority including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Farlite products with patented technology are not medical devices and are not to be used as or for medical devices. The pathogen-reducing efficacy of Farlite products and their use in occupied spaces is dependent on many site-specific factors as well as proper installation and operation within specifications and in accordance with American Conference of Governmental Institutional Hygienist (ACGIH) guidelines. Professional installation is recommended for Farlite  products. The FarliteTM standard character mark and stylized logo mark are registered trademarks of Farlite Solutions LLC in the United States.