Industries Served

Your Space, Made Safe – UV Light Disinfection for All Industries

Our UV light disinfection technologies help buildings of all types and sizes kill germs in the air. Our UVPhasor® lights for disinfecting kill better than 99.9% of airborne germs without any human UV exposure. Kill pathogens without any disruptions to your business through our continuous protection.

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Disinfection Solutions for Indoor Air

Indoor Air Disinfection Solutions for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Killing pathogens is essential for promoting health and reducing hospital acquired infections in hospitals and medical facilities. With Farlite™ solutions, healthcare facilities can offer continual protection against airborne pathogens.

Our UV lights for disinfection use UVC light to inactivate viruses and other germs that float in the air and can negatively impact patients, staff, and visitors. UVPhasor® offer autonomous UV light disinfection, actively monitoring the environment and making subtle adjustments to boost the efficacy of germ inactivation.

Schools & Universities

UV Light Disinfection for Schools & Universities

Schools are a common source for germs and illnesses. Protect your students, teachers, and faculty with Farlite™ technology. Farlite™ Protected schools and universities receive proactive protection against more than 99.9% of germs through UV light disinfection solutions.

The UVPhasor® works continuously to kill germs without the need for harmful chemicals. It works in occupied spaces to deliver pathogen-killing action all day and all night for airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Promote safe, healthy learning spaces through our indoor air disinfection solutions.

Health clubs gyms and fitness

UV Lights for Disinfection in Health Clubs, Fitness Centers & Gyms

Airborne pathogens are a serious threat to people in health clubs, fitness centers, and gyms. Your space is dedicated to encouraging health and wellness, make sure you’re doing your part to fight germs, including COVID-19, influenza, and rhinovirus.

Our UV lights for disinfecting provide continuous indoor air disinfection by killing germs that float in the air of your health facility. As germs become airborne, they are a serious threat to customers and staff, often entering the HVAC system and spreading to every room in the building. Kill germs before they can infiltrate the HVAC system and infect those in your space with UVPhasor® technology.

office building

UV Light Disinfection in Office Buildings

The average person spends approximately one-third of their life at work. Office buildings are frequently teeming with germs that make your workforce sick. Show your staff you care about their wellbeing by providing continuous indoor air disinfection.

Farlite™ Protected offices use UV light disinfection solutions to kill more than 99.9% of germs that can make your workforce sick. With UVPhasor® technology in your building, you can promote better health, productivity, and attendance by nipping airborne germs in the bud by killing them before they can make people sick.

Hotels & the Hospitality

UV Light Disinfecting for Hotels & Hospitality

Providing a home away from home means making sure that people feel safe and comfortable in your hotel. We make your space safe through continual UV light disinfection throughout your building. The UVPhasor® uses powerful UVC rays to damage pathogen coatings and DNA so they can’t infect and spread to your guests and staff.

UVPhasor® are a sophisticated solution for disinfecting the very air you breathe by killing airborne pathogens as they enter the disinfection barrier zone. This barrier zone uses absolutely no harsh chemicals and doesn’t expose people to any UV rays, making it perfect for 24/7 disinfection in occupied spaces.


Indoor Air Disinfection for Restaurants & Fast Food

Restaurants are a place to gather and enjoy great food and conversation. Make sure people feel comfortable in your restaurant by becoming Farlite™ Protected today. Restaurants frequently harbor many airborne germs that can make people sick. Do your part to reduce pathogen transmission by choosing our advanced UV light disinfection solutions.

UVPhasor® offer continuous protection by killing germs as they float through the air. They use invisible UVC light to inactivate germs as they pass through the barrier zone and look like an ordinary commercial light. Prioritize health and safety by killing airborne germs in your facility, including influenza, COVID-19 and other serious pathogens.


UV Disinfection in Airports & Transportation Hubs

With thousands of people passing through airports and stations for buses, trains, and other forms of transportation, it’s critical to reduce the threat of disease transmission. Our UV lights for disinfecting help kill more than 99.9% of airborne pathogens that can make people sick and spread widely through travel.

With UVPhasor® protection from Farlite™, you can show your passengers that you care about their health and safety. Our solution uses UV light disinfection backed by scientific research to provide a deadly dose of UVC radiation that never shines on or never reaches those in your building. Farlite™ Protected buildings can use fewer harmful chemicals and achieve indoor air disinfection 24 hours a day through our germ-killing technologies.

Retail Spaces

UV Lights for Disinfecting Entertainment & Shopping Centers

UV light disinfection is ideal for entertainment and shopping centers to kill airborne germs. Our technology is completely customizable to be used in a variety of buildings, including indoor concert venues, malls, brick-and-mortar stores, wedding venues, and many other spaces.

Tell your customers you’re Farlite™ Protected to show them you’re doing your part to prevent the spread of dangerous germs like COVID-19, MERS, and influenza. The UVPhasor® provides continuous indoor air disinfection and kills more than 99.9% of airborne pathogens with germicidal UV light in the upper air of your building to help keep your staff and customers safe.