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Revolutionizing UV Light Disinfection

Our team at Farlite™ helps create safe, healthy spaces for everyone. We started out with one goal: disinfecting buildings to prevent aerosol pathogen transmission in public and commercial buildings. Aerosols are the tiniest of the airborne pathogens that float in the air.

Based on centuries of research into germicidal ultraviolet radiation, our team used this information to help fight germs in the air we breathe. We wanted to provide people with a simple, effective way to deliver the right UV light to stop pathogens in their tracks using real, peer reviewed scientific data.

Out of our desire to safely kill germs and make public spaces healthier came the UVPhasor®. The UVPhasor® is a means to deliver UV light for disinfecting by creating a UV light barrier that provides a continuous germ killing UVBarrier Zone in your building.

Unlike disinfectants, our active ingredient for indoor air disinfection is UV light and not toxic chemicals. Our solution helps prevent pathogen transmission by killing aerosolized germs before they can make people sick.

Our UV light sanitizing technology is based on over 100 years of combined research and experience and tested scientific research. The UVPhasor® combines UV light disinfection with modern technology like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to make it the disinfection solution of the future.

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Your Space, Made Safe with Farlite™

Your Space, Made Safe with Farlite™

We are proud to work with a variety of industries to help reduce pathogen transmission and disinfect the air your staff and customers breathe.

Our team provides UV light sanitation solutions for places such as hospitals, schools, offices, shopping centers, and airports to help keep people healthy inside your building.

With our UV light for disinfecting, you get peace of mind you have continual protection against common airborne germs, including COVID-19, influenza, and rhinovirus. UVPhasor® kills better than 99.9% of pathogens once they reach the upper barrier for disinfection. This allows you to kill germs without exposing people to any potentially harmful chemicals or ultraviolet light.

Our UVPhasor® technology offers autonomous adjustment and monitoring for efficacy. When you choose our indoor air disinfection solutions, your building receives autonomous UV light disinfection. Our advanced UV lights for disinfecting actively monitor environmental conditions that may affect germ-killing efficacy like temperature, humidity levels, and UVC light levels around the room. This allows the lights to automatically adjust the power level of the UV light to suit current conditions.

UVPhasor® also provide performance tracking to ping you and our support team about any out of the ordinary situations or data that may indicate the need for service or repairs. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when your building is Farlite™ Protected.

We offer a variety of ways to customize UVPhasor® to suit your needs, including color options. Our experts are here to custom design a system that offers maximum protection for your business.

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