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24/7 Protection from Germs in Your Office Building

Cleaner Air for Office BuildingsHelp your employees and clients feel more comfortable indoors by becoming a Farlite™ Protected office building. Commercial office buildings are a common place for airborne germ transmission, but our UV light disinfection solutions help kill germs in the air so they can’t infect and spread through your office.

Now more than ever, your workforce is aware of the dangers of aerosol pathogens in the air like COVID-19, influenza, and rhinovirus. Many people are now concerned about the risks that airborne viruses and other germs pose to their health. With our UV lights for disinfecting, you offer continuous protection against these germs to your employees.

Airborne germs are a serious concern, as they can spread by simply breathing and operating the HVAC system. This can spread illness through your entire office, leading to poor productivity and higher rates of absenteeism.

Fortunately, there is a solution for continuous indoor air disinfection to help kill germs in your office. Our UVPhasor® technology provides 24/7 germ killing power without the need for harsh chemicals or disruptions to your daily operations.

Our UV lights for disinfecting create a barrier zone in the upper air of your office that floods the space with invisible UVC light. This UV light kills germs as they enter the disinfection barrier zone, allowing you to disinfect the air as your employees work.

UVPhasor® provide indoor air disinfection for a variety of office spaces, including individual desks, private offices, conference rooms, lobbies, and break areas.

Our sophisticated systems damage germ DNA and protein coatings so they can address practically any type of airborne germ in your office.

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Your Space, Made Safe with Farlite™

Continuously Kill better than 99.9% of Pathogens in Your Workplace

conference roomChemical disinfectants come with many drawbacks for office spaces. You must use them throughout the day, they don’t offer ongoing protection, and they can be used incorrectly. In addition, they may expose your workforce to harmful chemicals and fumes that may do more harm than good.

Instead, UV light disinfection has been used for decades to help kill germs, including in hospitals and other medical facilities. With UVPhasor®, you can kill better than 99.9% of the germs in the air of your office to help promote a healthy workspace.

Our UVPhasor® system not only kills airborne germs in your building, it offers autonomous protection for your workplace. Using sophisticated AI and monitoring technologies, our products monitor and identify conditions that may affect UV light disinfection efficacy. Based on the readings, the UV lights for disinfecting can also make adjustments to help kill germs in your building.

With cloud monitoring for performance and device health, you get peace of mind your system is always working to protect your employees and clients from aerosol pathogens.

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