UVPhasor® for UV Light Disinfection

Phasor office
UVPhasor® upper air barrier is invisible but is highlighted here in purple showing the area covered.

Public spaces can be a serious concern for disease transmission. Aerosolized germs can lead to high infection rates and illness. There is a better way to protect your customers and staff. Get Farlite™ Protected through our proprietary UVPhasor® technology.

UVPhasor® uses invisible UVC light to kill pathogens in your building before they can make you sick. Our system is customized to your building to ensure maximum protection through germicidal UV light. With our UV lights for disinfecting, you provide peace of mind to everyone inside your facility.


  • Kills better than 99.9% of Germs
  • Continuous UV Light Disinfection
  • Autonomous Adjustments for Effective Disinfection
  • Works in Occupied Spaces
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Energy-Efficient UV Light Disinfection

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The UVPhasor® system provides uninterrupted disinfection for your building and never directs UV light to places humans might be. Our devices provide UV light disinfection to kill aerosolized pathogens like viruses and bacteria to stop them from infecting people in your building.

UVPhasor™ features include:
UVPhasor™ indoor air disinfection works on commercial buildings of all types and sizes. Get Farlite™ Protection for:

How Does UVPhasor™ Work for Indoor Air Disinfection?

The UVPhasor™ uses UVC light to provide air disinfection for commercial buildings. It targets airborne and aerosolized germs like COVID-19, tuberculosis, and MRSA as they float toward the ceiling of your facility.

Our UV lights for disinfecting kill pathogens before they can make people sick and contaminate the entire building through the HVAC system. UVPhasor™ lights utilize the recirculation of air through return air vents to draw building air through our UV barrier zones.

Our UVPhasor™ technology uses upper air ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to attack pathogens before they can make people sick. This means that you get indoor air disinfection with no UV exposure to those inside your building.

The UVPhasor™ looks like a normal light mounted to the ceiling of your building. Its patent-pending design allows the unit to send powerful UVC light upward and outward to create a barrier zone of protection for your building without posing any risks to people below. In this barrier zone, germs are effectively killed or inactivated so they can’t harm those in your building.

Our UV light disinfection solutions provide protection against even the smallest of germs, including those that can easily travel through masks, face shields, and HEPA filters.

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UVPhasor® vs. Other UV Lights for Disinfecting

While there are many UV lights for disinfecting on the market today, many simply fall short for total building disinfection.

UVPhasor® packs a punch by emitting powerful UVC light constantly to ensure germs get a deadly dose of UVs to help inactivate or kill them before they make people sick. They do this even as people are inside your building.

Many other lights either don’t provide the amount of UVC radiation needed to kill pathogens or expose people to UV radiation that can cause irritation and may be carcinogenic with regular exposure.

Keep people safe with the best UV light disinfection solution on the market today. Contact us now to get Farlite™ Protected with UVPhasor® technology.