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Teacher sneezing in front of students in a classroom with indoor air disinfection from Farlite.

Schools Need Indoor Air Disinfection for Airborne Germs

Schools can be breeding grounds for germs. Many people associate the school year with increased illnesses. Even older college students often notice higher rates of …

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Busy restaurant that needs UV light disinfection

UV Light Disinfection for Restaurants

UV light disinfection is an effective tool for reducing airborne germ transmission in indoor areas. Restaurants and bars in particular can benefit from these technologies, …

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Airborne germs that can be removed with indoor air disinfection

UV Indoor Air Disinfection vs. Air Purifier

Germs are everywhere, including in the air we breathe. With concerns about many diseases, including COVID-19, influenza, and other airborne diseases, indoor air disinfection is …

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UVC disinfection working against COVID-19 virus

How Does UVC Disinfection Work?

UVC disinfection has gotten a lot of publicity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes sense – many people are looking for better …

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HVAC vent that needs UV light disinfection to prevent germ buildup inside.

UV Light Disinfection: Preventing Germs in HVAC Systems

UV light disinfection has been used for years for surfaces, but new innovations now make it possible for UV light to disinfect the air inside …

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People in gym that needs UV disinfection for germs in the air.

Why UV Disinfection is Necessary for Air in Gyms

UV disinfection has been used for decades to disinfect things like drinking water, surgical rooms, and medical equipment. However, it’s now possible to use UV …

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Office with UV disinfection from UVPhasor

Why UV Disinfection is Critical for Your Business

Businesses rely on making their employees and customers comfortable to increase revenue and ensure smooth operations. Many people have been uncomfortable in public spaces since …

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Person with flu after visiting a public space without indoor air disinfection solutions from Farlite

Indoor Air Disinfection Solutions for Flu Season

With flu season in full swing, it’s essential to consider how to protect your employees and customers. Our indoor air disinfection solutions can help fight …

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