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Continuous UV Light Disinfection for Hotels & the Hospitality Industry

Hotels & the HospitalityAerosol germs are a serious threat to both your guests and staff. Make sure you’re promoting healthy indoor spaces through our advanced indoor air disinfection solutions. Our UV lights for disinfecting offer 24/7 germ killing power without disrupting your daily operations.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how vulnerable hotels and the hospitality industry as a whole is to disease outbreaks and pandemics. More than ever, guests are asking tough questions about pathogens in your building and what you’re doing to fight them. Show your guests and staff that you’re committed to safe, healthy spaces by investing in indoor air disinfection solutions from our team.

Farlite™ Protected hotels, spas, and other hospitality facilities provide added peace of mind for guests who trust you as their home away from home. You know how important it is to have housekeeping staff wipe down and clean surfaces, but what about the air that your guests breathe in?

The air inside hotel rooms and common areas can be teeming with aerosol pathogens like COVID-19, influenza, measles, and whooping cough. With UVPhasor® technology, you can kill more than 99.9% of aerosol germs.

As germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold float through the air in your facility, they encounter the UV light disinfection barrier zone that UVPhasor® create in the upper air of the room. Using invisible UVC light, UVPhasor® systems kill germs in the barrier zone so they can’t infect, spread, or enter the HVAC return air vents.

This helps prevent transmission of many serious illnesses in your hotel, both for your guests and your staff, with no exposure to harmful chemicals.

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Your Space, Made Safe with Farlite™

Kill more than 99.9% of Aerosol Germs Without Extra Housekeeping

UV lights for disinfectionSince the COVID pandemic, many hotels have increased cleaning and disinfection protocols, adding work for housekeeping despite continued labor shortages nationwide. With our UV lights for disinfection, you can help disinfect the air without adding more workload for your staff.

The UVPhasor® offers continuous indoor air disinfection, including in occupied spaces. Because the lights create a disinfecting barrier zone, there’s no UV exposure to people inside your building. That means they can operate 24 hours a day to offer ceaseless protection against aerosol germs.

UVPhasor® are completely autonomous, monitoring conditions at all times and making slight changes as needed for effective germ killing. With our cloud monitoring services, UVPhasor® in your building provide important data on performance as well as device health. It is truly a total solution for indoor air disinfecting inside your hotel.

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