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Indoor Air Disinfection Solutions from Farlite™

grocery storeProvide peace of mind through indoor air disinfection solutions from Farlite™. Our UVPhasor® technology uses UVC rays to inactivate pathogens in air streams throughout your facility so you can keep your building safe and healthy for all.

Our UV lights for disinfecting kill more than 99.9% of airborne germs, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This helps cleanse the air of these potentially life-threatening pathogens before they can make people sick.

We place UVPhasor® in the upper air of your building that kill pathogens circulated by the HVAC system throughout your building. Our systems work constantly to disinfect the air you breathe to help prevent the transmission of aerosolized pathogens.

Studies show that UV light disinfection can safely inactivate pathogens like COVID-19, mold spores, and bacteria to prevent them from reproducing and causing illnesses. UVC rays from our UVPhasor® damage DNA,  RNA and proteins of the pathogens, effectively making them harmless to people in your building.

UVPhasor® Protected buildings provide continuous indoor air disinfection without the use of harsh chemicals that can give off fumes and volatile organic compounds that reduce indoor air quality and can also negatively affect human health.

With UVPhasor® technology, you safely kill germs without the need for chemical disinfectants that can cause respiratory, skin, and eye irritation and reduce overall air quality inside your building. Improve the air you breathe today with our indoor air disinfection solutions while protecting your customers and employees.

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How UVPhasor™ UV Light Disinfection Improves Indoor Air Quality

UVPhasor® from our team help kill pathogens floating in the air from aerosolized droplets. Our solution for UV light disinfection creates a barrier zone in the upper air of your facility filled with invisible UVC light. This light attacks germs to inactivate them and prevent them from being able to reproduce.

Unlike chemical disinfectants, the UVPhasor® provides disinfection that is perfectly safe for occupied spaces, with no exposure to harmful chemicals or fumes. Instead, the UV light is projected upwards to prevent human exposure to the ultraviolet light while still providing a powerful dose to kill off germs as they float into the disinfection zone.

The result is that germs are inactivated as they approach the building air handling units for recirculation. This way, you get constant disinfection of the very air you breathe inside your building.

Removing pathogens is an important part of creating good indoor air quality for your facility, as they can cause many issues including odors and health problems. Since indoor air can be significantly more contaminated than outdoor air and most people spend the majority of their time inside, indoor air disinfection is critical.

With UVPhasor®, you get peace of mind that your air is continuously disinfected throughout the day. Our autonomous UV lights for disinfection even make adjustments to provide the most effective germ-killing power for your building based on environmental factors.

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