Frequently Asked Questions

Our UVPhasor® uses UVC light wavelengths to kill aerosol germs in your building.

Our UV lights for disinfection create a barrier zone of invisible UV light that damages viruses, bacteria, and other germs so they can’t make people sick.

Because all the UV light is concentrated toward the ceiling in the disinfection barrier zone, UVPhasor® can offer 24/7 indoor air disinfection even in occupied spaces.

UVPhasor® don’t use any harmful chemicals to kill germs, instead using ultraviolet light to damage pathogen DNA, RNA, and outer coatings to make them unable to reproduce.

Our UVPhasor® is the means of projecting the UV light. It delivers more energy than other competitors due to the UVPhasor® design and is more effective than other traditional lighting approaches.

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Yes, UV light disinfection has been scientifically studied and shown to be an effective tool for fighting infectious diseases.

UV light has been studied as a disinfectant since the late 19th century and is frequently used to kill germs on surfaces, in public water systems, as well as in the air.

According to the CDC, upper room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, which is what our UVPhasor® technology offers, has been used for decades to fight airborne pathogens and has been extensively studied by scientists. Much of the research has focused on killing life-threatening germs like tuberculosis, and recent research has primarily looked at UVC’s effects on SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Evidence from scientific research shows that UVC rays are an effective disinfectant for a variety of pathogens because it damages both protein coatings surrounding germs as well as their DNA and RNA to prevent them from reproducing, achieving germ inactivation.

Our UVPhasor® deliver a powerful dose of UVC light to help kill better than 99.9% of aerosol germs, including viruses and bacteria.

Our UV light disinfection technology creates a barrier zone in the upper air where disinfection occurs. Germs that enter this disinfection zone receive intense doses for long durations of time to effectively inactivate them so they can’t infect others in your facility.

UVPhasor® technology helps inactivate most airborne pathogens, including common concerns in public buildings like COVID-19, influenza, RSV, tuberculosis, measles, and MERS.

Yes, UVC light has been shown to be effective at inactivating SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, including Omicron and other variants.

UV light disinfection can stop aerosol COVID-19 virus particles from making people sick by damaging their DNA, RNA, and protein outer layers so they can’t infect people or reproduce.

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UVPhasor® use UV light disinfection to kill germs floating in the air you breathe, which makes them effective in practically any building.

We work with all types of industries to assist with indoor air disinfection to help protect their customers and employees from harmful airborne pathogens.

Some of the industries that can utilize UVPhasor® include:

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Health Clubs, Fitness Facilities & Gyms
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Restaurants & Fast Food
  • Airports & Transportation Stations
  • Entertainment & Retail

Direct exposure to UVC rays usually used for UV light disinfection may cause irritation on the skin and eyes. That’s why our UVPhasor® are designed specifically to prevent any UV exposure to people in occupied spaces.

Our UV lights for disinfecting direct UV light upward toward the ceiling so humans don’t come into contact with the light. This allows us to provide a powerful dose of UVC light to kill germs without harming people in your building.

Our UVPhasor® also have internal safety features to prevent human exposure to UV light, such as proximity sensors to detect nearby human presence (such as someone on a ladder in your building) and shut off the UV light to prevent accidental exposure.

UVPhasor® are installed on the ceiling of your building and look similar to any other light you might find in a commercial space but packs a powerful punch of germicidal UV light for aerosol germs.

Our UVPhasor® lights for disinfecting are a flexible solution that can fit any building and any floorplan. Our team customizes UVPhasor® placement for maximum efficacy based specifically on your building and needs.

For UVPhasor® installation, our team takes care of everything from mounting the UVPhasor® to your ceiling to wiring electrical power to the lights, so you don’t need to worry about a thing when you become a Farlite™ Protected facility.

 Because UVPhasor® systems are customized to every building, pricing also varies based on your building’s floor plan and needs. Prices are decided based on factors like facility square footage and number of UVPhasor® needed for effective protection against aerosol pathogens.

Request a proposal from our team to get a customized proposal and quote for UVPhasor® in your building.

Yes, like any UV light for disinfecting, the UVPhasor® will need maintenance for ongoing reliability and performance.

Maintenance tasks vary, but generally include replacing lamps and parts as they wear with time. For total maintenance support, consider the value of our 5-year total service solution, which includes all service parts, labor, lamps, and technical support you need for UVPhasor® for 5 years beginning with installation.

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The Farlite™ Cloud Monitoring Service is a solution that provides users with web access to performance and device health reporting from their UVPhasor®.

UVPhasor® collect data on a variety of factors that may affect germicidal efficacy, including:

  • HVAC air speeds
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Nearby UV light intensity
  • Electricity consumed
  • Human presence

UVPhasor® also record data about their performance and device health, including predicted service and maintenance needs and can automatically let our team know when your UVPhasor® need service.

With our Cloud Monitoring services, building owners get access to these reports so you can track performance and device status, so you know you’re protected 24/7 from aerosol germs.

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