A new tool to control the spread of aerosol pathogens...



FARLITETM Monitoring        &        the FARLITETM Cloud

FARLITETM Monitoring


Farlite™ is committed to providing a highly reliable service and this requires monitoring. In Artificial Intelligence, the Farlite™ UVPhasor is an intelligent agent that interacts with its environment. In addition to the controlled projection of UVC light, the Farlite™ UVPhasor monitors anything that could yield information about the effectiveness of the barriers we create.


It captures and transmits:


  •  Environmental factors that affect aerosol movement
  •  HVAC system air speeds especially at return air vents and key locations in room upper-air
  •  Temperatures
  •  Humidity levels·        
  •  Levels of UVC light at various spots around the room
  •  Motion of the UV Phasors
  •  Electrical power consumed
  •  The presence of humans close to Phasors


The UV Phasor will also control the power level of the UV light array. It evaluates collected information and immediately publishes off-normal situations to the Cloud along with the current values of the environment.

FarliteTM Cloud


Collecting all of this information and transmitting it to the Cloud where it is stored creates a repository. Other intelligent agents (software algorithms in this case)  can access the facility’s state, historical to present in a further, deep down, real-time process monitoring of the Farlite™ Service Solution. These multiple levels of analysis and automatic course corrections establish Farlite™ as the technological leader in constructing UVC barriers. 


Farlite™  provides the following from its analysis of behaviors of its components


  • Proprietary Real-time Monitoring of FARLITETM Service
  • Ensuring Safety by monitoring where FARLITETM  UVPhasor light is directed
  • Incorporates Existing Proven Technology Components
  • Advises Owners of Off-Normal Situations
  • Projects Potential Future Problems
  • Assists responding technicians to Fix Problems
  • Provides summaries of activity
  • Performs analyzes of activity over time
  • Projects possible consequences of Future Events
  • Provides a way to show that you proactively worked to protect guests, customers, employees, and any persons within your protected spaces.

With FARLITETM owners can demonstrate effective efforts of reducing risk to protect employees, customers, and visitors to indoor spaces.