UV Light Disinfection for Pediatric Hospitals

UV Light Disinfection for Pediatric Hospitals

young child sleeping in hospital bed protected by uv light hospital disinfection
We can help protect your littlest patients from the threat of airborne pathogens with UV light hospital disinfection.

Children deserve the highest level of protection when they’re at their most vulnerable. Sadly, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) pose a serious risk to pediatric patients, leading to longer hospital stays, complications, and even tragic outcomes. Traditional cleaning methods, while essential, aren’t always enough—but UV light hospital disinfection can make a difference.

UV light disinfection uses germicidal light wavelengths to continuously inactivate airborne viruses and bacteria, creating a safer environment for young patients. Farlite Solutions specializes in safe, effective upper air UV systems specifically designed for hospitals, offering a powerful weapon in the fight against HAIs. Contact us for a custom quote for your pediatric hospital facility now.

How Does UV Light Hospital Disinfection Work?

Upper-air UV light disinfection is a technology that harnesses a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light, UV-C, to destroy harmful airborne pathogens. These systems feature special fixtures that are installed above people in a room, hanging slightly down from the ceiling. The UV-C light is directed upwards, creating a disinfection zone. As air circulates through the room, pathogens in the upper air pass through this zone, get exposed to the UV-C light, and are inactivated. This allows for continuous air purification without the need for harsh chemicals or interruptions to a room’s use.

Benefits for Pediatric Hospitals

Reduced HAI Rates

Pediatric hospitals are acutely aware of the dangers of HAIs. Upper air UV offers a scientifically proven solution. In fat, studies demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing airborne transmission of pathogens critical in pediatric care, including measles, tuberculosis, and influenza. 

Improved Air Quality

Respiratory conditions are common in pediatrics, including asthma, allergies, or complications from other illnesses. Upper air UV goes beyond inactivating viruses and bacteria; it also combats mold spores that exacerbate respiratory distress. Creating a cleaner air environment can potentially reduce symptom severity and the need for additional interventions.

Minimized Chemical Exposure

Children can be particularly sensitive to the chemicals used in traditional cleaning. Upper-air UV disinfection provides continuous protection without introducing potentially harmful substances into the environment. This is a major advantage for pediatric units where minimizing chemical exposure is a priority.

Enhanced Infection Control

UV light hospital disinfection seamlessly integrates with hand hygiene, surface disinfection, and other protocols within a comprehensive infection control program. A multi-tiered approach offers the highest level of protection for your young patients. 

Custom UV Light Disinfection Systems for Pediatric Hospitals

Upper air UV disinfection offers a way to proactively protect pediatric patients and provide safer hospital environments where they can focus on healing. When combined with established infection control practices, it can help your hospital ensure the highest level of safety. 

Learn more about how this innovative technology can benefit your pediatric facility. Contact Farlite Solutions for a custom UV light system quote.