UV Light Disinfection: Preventing Germs in HVAC Systems

UV Light Disinfection: Preventing Germs in HVAC Systems

HVAC vent that needs UV light disinfection to prevent germ buildup inside.
UV light disinfection kills germs before they can infiltrate your commercial HVAC system.

UV light disinfection has been used for years for surfaces, but new innovations now make it possible for UV light to disinfect the air inside buildings. This is important, because it can help kill germs before they make it to the HVAC system and make more people sick. There is evidence that HVAC systems can spread infectious pathogens, including potentially COVID-19. However, with our UV light disinfection devices, you can inactivate germs before they make it to the air handling unit. 

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UV Light Disinfection to Stop Germs from Getting Into the HVAC System

The air in public buildings can be a serious risk for infection from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. What many people don’t realize is that the HVAC systems we rely on to keep indoors comfortable might also be a risk for disease transmission in these spaces. The good news is that there are solutions to help fight germs before they get into the system, namely through upper room UVC disinfection

HVAC Systems can Harbor and Spread Pathogens

HVAC systems can spread germs throughout public buildings. One study from 2021 looked at the number of bacteria and fungi particles in an HVAC system at a large university. They found a significant number of these germs inside the system itself. 

The researchers determined that the germs came not only from outdoor air that entered the HVAC system, but also from indoor air that gets recirculated. When indoor air contains aerosol germs (very small germ particles that can float through the air), there is a risk that it may get into the HVAC system and end up spread throughout the building. Therefore, the study concluded that HVAC systems may pose a risk for infection transmission. 

Now, that’s not to say that you need to turn off HVAC systems in your building or remove them entirely. They are still critical for indoor air quality and comfort. They keep temperatures in comfortable ranges, maintain humidity at appropriate levels, and also help remove contaminants like dust from the building. Instead, consider using UV light disinfection to kill germs floating in the indoor air before they can make it to the HVAC system. 

Upper Room UVC Disinfection Can Inactivate Germs Before they Can Infiltrate the HVAC System

HVAC systems in commercial buildings generally take indoor air to recycle (known as recirculating) through an air intake vent. This helps the system dilute the air with fresh air without bringing all new air into the building several times an hour, which can be a huge energy waster. It’s this recirculated air that can be one of the biggest risks for germs entering the HVAC system. 

Operational HVAC systems are still recommended for fighting COVID-19 according to the CDC. However, they also recommend upper room ultraviolet germicidal solutions as a supplementary action to fight the virus. 

UVPhasor technology from Farlite offers just that. Our devices use UV light to provide indoor air disinfection. The UV rays from our devices kill pathogens by damaging outer protein layers and DNA in the germs as they float through the air. UVPhasors create a barrier of disinfecting light that never exposes humans to the UV rays, even in occupied spaces. This UV light disinfection barrier kills germs before they make it to air returns to enter the HVAC system and potentially spread far throughout the building. 

UV Light Disinfection from Farlite Solutions

Protect your building today with UVPhasor technology from Farlite Solutions. We offer chemical-free, continuous indoor air disinfection through UV light. Our solution is one of the most sophisticated on the market today, using autonomous features to monitor the environment and make adjustments as needed for optimized disinfection. We help you keep people safe from viruses, bacteria, and other germs. Get in touch now to request a proposal for your building from our experts.